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Casey Costello

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Meditation and Energy Expert

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Designing Stories, Creating Worlds, Developing Characters and Producing Drama

Casey is a Writer, Author and Scriptwriter, her genres are Supernatural/Spiritual Thrillers and Science Fiction.

She has been a Spiritual Channel, Energy Healer, Spirit Releaser and Energy Transformer and incorporates her experiences with the Metaphysical World and other Dimensions into her story telling.

She teaches Energy dynamics, meditation workshops and continues to work with the metaphysical on many levels.

Her Meditation and Energy manual 'The New Chakra System Handbook' is available worldwide.


Casey is a Writer, Author and Scriptwriter specializing in the Supernatural/Spiritual and Sci-fi genres.

She was born a sensitive and Energy Transformer, raising the vibration and frequency of energy in land, buildings and people. She also uses her gifts as a Spirit Releaser/Ghost Remover that helps spirits to move to the light and into pure spirit.

She studied with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, Reiki and workshops with Barbara Brennan. She has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and an MA in Scriptwriting from Bath Spa University, UK.

She is represented by the Susan Mears Literary Agency in the UK.


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The New Chakra System Handbook: On Becoming the New Human

Mankind is changing. The evolution has begun, and there is no stopping it. We are becoming Superhumans, possessing more senses and with more awareness of the universe.

This Handbook is a simple guide that will take you from the Old Chakra system to the New System of energy. The meditation exercises are easy to practise and enable you to begin the process. Work through them at your own pace.

Let's move forward and discard the old being we have been for too long. No matter what culture or religion you follow the handbook will assist you in becoming a Super Human, raising your energy to a higher vibration and making mother earth balanced again.

Let's take an amazing leap into the future.

The New Chakra System Handbook as available at all good bookstores and online.

The New Chakra System Handbook

The New Chakra System Handbook

by Casey Costello

A meditation manual to become multi-dimentional.

The New Chakra System Handbook

The New Chakra System Handbook

by Casey Costello

A meditation manual to become multi-dimentional.


My latest film that I produced and wrote, 'Checking-in', about a young couple checking-in to a boutique hotel - all is not what it seems.


by Casey Costello

CHECKING IN by Casey Costello showcase release from roger bolton.


Please experience one of our free meditations to get you started.

Meditation for centring, relaxing and connecting.

There are two very important processes you must follow when meditating, these are GROUND and PROTECT.

Whenever you meditate begin with these two first.

Grounding is allowing you to connect energetically to the earth, we are part of the earth. We are an electrical circuit, ground it.

Protection is important to avoid energetic stuff sticking to us when we are meditating enabling us to feel secure, relaxed and safe.

My book 'The New Chakra System Handbook' explains these two processes.

Here are three short meditations to download and get you started.

The first meditation is for the morning and is brief as most of us have little time before work. It prepares you to be part of the day.

The second meditation is for the end of the day, to relax and unwind.

The third is a general and starts you experiencing your breath.

Beginning of the Day

by Casey Costello

To prepare you for the world.


The End of the Day

by Casey Costello

To relax and de-stress.


A General Meditation

by Casey Costello

To be still.


Meditation is gentle and takes practise, it is not important to do it everyday and when you begin, practise when you can.


My latest videos that I produce regularly.


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